Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jihad ‘in an organised manner’

That was the latest call by Taliban (see previous post). And sure enough it is being waged quite systematically. We have seen earlier, how Islamists have succeeded in curbing our freedom by petitioning a measure curbing 'hate speech' at the UN. The real intentions behind this measure, however, remain something else. The same plans are at play in the UNHRC. The previous UN conference at Durban, in August 2001, on the matter gives us enough clues -
DurbanI was a notorious hate-filled gathering that
devolved into one of the most racist and prejudiced meetings in the UN's
. Its anti-Semitism and anti-Israel agenda and
hysterical crowds of extremists still send shudders of horror through the
corridors of human rights organisations. This is why many nations, especially
from the West, are considering boycotting Durban II which, like Durban I, is
likely to become a platform for anti-Semitism and anti-Western xenophobia and hatred.
(Emphasis added)
So much for an "anti-racism" conference! What began as a noble sounding cause soon morphed into an occasion for furthering Islamic interests. Very peculiar of the Islamists. What is their real agenda?
Using the catch-all phrase of Islamophobia, the OIC is attempting to deny
nations the right to criticise extremism and violence. [Link]
The all encompassing "anti-racism" has now become "Islamophobia"! The second round is set to begin in Durban on April 20. And the draft, this time, makes no attempts at hiding its intentions -
"Calls for ... the international
protection of the Palestinian people throughout the occupied Palestinian
territory." [Link]
Deduction: Israel is the aggressor and racist. So, Pakistani Ambassador Masood Khan was serious in seeking a "new instrument or convention" to achieve intended goals. After having realised the nefarious plan behind this measure, Israel, Canada have decided on boycotting the conference and a number of European nations are quite rightly concerned about the UNHRC legitimising this Islamic agenda. But, the council is only trying to be 'secular'. Instances of genuine violations escape its radar -
..genocide in Darfur; child soldiers in
Chad and Congo; compulsory sterilization of women in China; suppression of
dissent in Cuba, Iran, Syria and Russia; rape as a political weapon in Zimbabwe;
sex trafficking in Asia; denial of human rights to minorities and women in Saudi
Arabia and other Arab countries.. [Link]
However notices are promptly issued to Israel for responding to Islamic terror. President O's failure to realise the games at play exposes his inexperience. For all the hope he sold in bringing 'change' to America, this is anything but encouraging -
But when the Palestinian delegation laid
their new proposal before the drafting committee, what did Obama's team do?
Nothing, absolutely nothing. They made no objection at all. [Link]
His administration, in fact, 'shares their reservations'. Anti-Semitism and holocaust denial is continuing in the UN without the hitherto US objection. In his eagerness to 'reach out' to the Muslim world, President O is sending out wrong signals. Another dhimmi in the making -
His foreign policy of engagement amounts
to a new willingness to sacrifice Israel and an indeterminate number of American
values for the sake of a warm welcome from the enemies of freedom. [Link]
An 'organised jihad' is indeed on and we are in denial.

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