Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jihad ‘in an organised manner’

That was the latest call by Taliban (see previous post). And sure enough it is being waged quite systematically. We have seen earlier, how Islamists have succeeded in curbing our freedom by petitioning a measure curbing 'hate speech' at the UN. The real intentions behind this measure, however, remain something else. The same plans are at play in the UNHRC. The previous UN conference at Durban, in August 2001, on the matter gives us enough clues -
DurbanI was a notorious hate-filled gathering that
devolved into one of the most racist and prejudiced meetings in the UN's
. Its anti-Semitism and anti-Israel agenda and
hysterical crowds of extremists still send shudders of horror through the
corridors of human rights organisations. This is why many nations, especially
from the West, are considering boycotting Durban II which, like Durban I, is
likely to become a platform for anti-Semitism and anti-Western xenophobia and hatred.
(Emphasis added)
So much for an "anti-racism" conference! What began as a noble sounding cause soon morphed into an occasion for furthering Islamic interests. Very peculiar of the Islamists. What is their real agenda?
Using the catch-all phrase of Islamophobia, the OIC is attempting to deny
nations the right to criticise extremism and violence. [Link]
The all encompassing "anti-racism" has now become "Islamophobia"! The second round is set to begin in Durban on April 20. And the draft, this time, makes no attempts at hiding its intentions -
"Calls for ... the international
protection of the Palestinian people throughout the occupied Palestinian
territory." [Link]
Deduction: Israel is the aggressor and racist. So, Pakistani Ambassador Masood Khan was serious in seeking a "new instrument or convention" to achieve intended goals. After having realised the nefarious plan behind this measure, Israel, Canada have decided on boycotting the conference and a number of European nations are quite rightly concerned about the UNHRC legitimising this Islamic agenda. But, the council is only trying to be 'secular'. Instances of genuine violations escape its radar -
..genocide in Darfur; child soldiers in
Chad and Congo; compulsory sterilization of women in China; suppression of
dissent in Cuba, Iran, Syria and Russia; rape as a political weapon in Zimbabwe;
sex trafficking in Asia; denial of human rights to minorities and women in Saudi
Arabia and other Arab countries.. [Link]
However notices are promptly issued to Israel for responding to Islamic terror. President O's failure to realise the games at play exposes his inexperience. For all the hope he sold in bringing 'change' to America, this is anything but encouraging -
But when the Palestinian delegation laid
their new proposal before the drafting committee, what did Obama's team do?
Nothing, absolutely nothing. They made no objection at all. [Link]
His administration, in fact, 'shares their reservations'. Anti-Semitism and holocaust denial is continuing in the UN without the hitherto US objection. In his eagerness to 'reach out' to the Muslim world, President O is sending out wrong signals. Another dhimmi in the making -
His foreign policy of engagement amounts
to a new willingness to sacrifice Israel and an indeterminate number of American
values for the sake of a warm welcome from the enemies of freedom. [Link]
An 'organised jihad' is indeed on and we are in denial.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One way street

Sharia and radical Islamists are gaining foothold and the leaders of free world fail to see that. In their attempt to come across as friendly and to appease the Muslim world, they are committing some grave mistakes that could well be irreversible. Limiting free speech was recently made legitimate. And now, Sharia is being granted legal status. Our leaders are capitulating in the face of Islamic aggression rather than defend freedom.
Islam is a one way street. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim.
FREEDOM of religion as stated in Article
11 (1) of the Federal Constitution does not cover Muslims who wish to convert at
any time.
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz
said Muslims who wish to renounce the religion would need to obtain an order or
declaration from the Syariah Court, which has the jurisdiction under state
Enactments of Islam. [Link]
While it is all well, indeed the religious duty, of a Muslim to convert the 'infidels' and wage jihad to further Islamic interests, there is no religious sanction for a Muslim to renounce his faith. He is locked in forever.
“The judgment in the case states clearly
that a Muslim cannot renounce the religion as he wishes. If such freedom is
given to Muslims, this will affect the status of Islam as the official religion,
as stated in the Federal Constitution,” he said. [Link]
That was Malaysia. Similar is the case with Pakistan which is an Islamic state and jihadi education has been institutionalized. Intolerance of the 'kafirs' and demands for Sharia are but the natural outcome.
If history is any indication, this exercise of trying to 'reach out' to the Islamic community is futile. Besides, Sharia is patently undemocratic. Once it is sanctioned, democracy is lost. We have seen what Sharia did in Afghanistan when the Taliban ruled. We are seeing what it has started doing in the Swat region. Having tasted success, the Taliban now wants to globalise jihad -
The Taliban in Waziristan announced
forming a ‘Shura Ittehadul Mujahideen’ (Council of United Mujahideen) on Sunday
to wage jihad ‘in an organised manner’.
Pamphlets distributed in the Miranshah
Bazaar and other areas of the agency headquarters said the forces led by Mullah
Muhammad Omar and Osama Bin Laden were fighting against ‘infidels’ led by US
President Barack Obama, Pakistani President Asif Zardari and Afghan President
Hamid Karzai. [Link]
Every jihadi has cited Koran as his inspiration -
They quoted verses of the holy Quran
calling people to fight a holy war against ‘infidels’, who they said were
killing innocent Muslims. [Link]
However, Mullahs would like us believe Islam is a religion of peace. And our 'secularists' perpetuate this myth. Within our own borders, we are witnessing a growing allegience to the global jihad. Worldwide 'Islamic brotherhood' finds more resonance among Indian Muslims who increasingly see themselves as part of a 'Muslim world'. Grievences have shifted. Victimhood is morphing into dreams of reclaiming some mythical 'Islamic glory'. History, apparently only begins from where they want it to.
Talking to Sharia professing representatives can never achieve anything that is hoped for. This realisation seems to be lost on our leaders of the 'secular' variety. The Islamic leadership is unanimously clear in what it aims for, jihad is legitimate and 'infidels' must be conquered, yet our heads remain buried in sand.
Eulogizing radicals, throwing millions at the them, approving of Sharia and engaging closet jihadis in discussions renders it impossible to reform and assimilate Muslim society into the modern world.

Monday, February 23, 2009

So it's 'aam aadmi' again

And of course the tokenish 'terror' issue on which the Congress will seek a mandate during this election. It is rather ironic of the Congress to do so. It was the same 'aam aadmi' back in 2004 that the Congress sought to uplift. But after 5 years of economic mismanagement, minority appeasement and an utterly lax attitude towards terror, the common man continues to be in need of a 'hand' that will 'uplift' him. The 'haath' has evidently failed in it's 'saath'.
Now, with the elections only weeks away, the same stale rhetorics are being recycled. After having taken him for a 5 year ride, the common man features again in the Congress campaign. This very fact is an indication of the UPA's failure. The much ballyhooed Common Minimum Program supposedly contained a 'human face' for development. Yet it has nothing to show for its much touted flagship programs.
Speaking to party chiefs from the smallest rung of Congress
hierarchy to kick off poll campaign, Sonia said the party, which had sought the
mandate in 2004 on the concerns of "aam aadmi", had largely met its commitments,
mentioning flagship schemes like NREGA, RTI, forest rights law, social security
for unorganised sector, loan waiver and the fight against economic downturn.
Sonia even got the President to claim so in the Parliament. It is rather self congratulatory of them to have done so. Other than Manmohan Singh and herself hardly anyone else holds such a view. In fact the Government's own auditor, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India is critical of all such claims.
Punching a hole in the UPA government's campaign of Bharat
Nirman and other flagship schemes, its official auditor, the Comptroller and
Auditor General (CAG) said in a report released on Friday that the government
had been overstating the expenditure. [Link]
The NREGA has failed to reach the intended and is marred by corruption. The loan waiver too has failed to help the poorest and the most affected farmers. And the general economic mismanagement by the UPA has affected everyone.
The government started the 'Bharat Nirman' project to improve infrastructure, however results are lacking. The CAG notes, of the Rs. 51,000 crores allocated by the government for development during 2007-08, the actual expenditure cannot be confirmed.
Raising an alarm, the CAG said money often remained unspent
in the accounts of these implementing agencies. Kept outside government
accounts, they were beyond the purview of any checks and balances of the Centre.
``The aggregate amount of the unspent balances in the accounts of the
implementing agencies kept outside government accounts is not readily
ascertainable. The government expenditure as reflected in the accounts to that
extent is, therefore, overstated,'' the CAG report said. [Link]
Funds were also diverted from their original purposes to various NGOs, cultural organisations and trumpet blowing celebrations.
The government had transferred Rs 6,500
crore in 2007 and Rs 6,000 crore in 2008 to the SIDF. An examination of Rs 3,500
crore expenditure under this account by the CAG revealed that at least Rs 1,500
crore in 2006-07 and a similar amount the following year was diverted to
celebrations and giving aid to NGOs and other expenditure rather than creating
Pointing out how the government had been
diverting funds intended to provide subsidies to the rural “aam aadmi'', the CAG
report said of the Rs 20,000 crore collected under the Universal Service
Obligation Fund between 2003-08 towards subsidising rural telephony, only Rs
6,000 crore was spent; the remaining amount was not there in the fund.
The Congress hasn't abandoned it's corrupt ways. Embezzlement has been the hallmark of it's governance.
The NDA regime reformed the telecom sector and abolished licensing. The UPA rolled it back so its partners could make crores. The national road network saw a upgrade being undertaken by the NDA with a success rate of about 81%, the progress has fallen to less than 50 at 49% under the UPA. And in the last two years there have been 5 different NHAI chairmen. Other projects like housing, electricity connections for the poor too have met the same dismal fate. And Sonia Gandhi has the gall to seek votes from the 'aam aadmi'.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Gimme a 'G' gimme an 'A' gimme a 'N'...

...gimme a 'D' gimme a 'H' gimme an 'I'. 'GANDHI' yay! Secular cheerleaders are hard at work selling the prince to us. Here's the latest hoot -
- While travelling, Rahul likes to munch on knick-knacks
every now and then. He offers chocolates and chips to everyone who travels with
- The young turk used to enjoy his game of badminton and would beat
anyone at it!
- When he’s chilling out, he likes to wear black T-shirt and
- Rahul's got a sweet-tooth. He loves Gelato and After 8 ice-creams.
- This calorie-conscious Gandhi only has diet coke and calorie-free drinks!
He also eats healthy small meals at regular intervals to cope with an
action-packed day.
- The place where Junior G likes to de-stress in the
evening is the Oberoi’s 360°. He almost always ends up ordering chicken
- Rahul starts his day by hitting the treadmill in the morning. He
also takes a brisk walk around the lawns of 12, Tughlak Lane.
- Life on the
fast track attracts Rahul. He loves his car racing sessions with close friends
and some young politicos who dare themselves with high speed and fast cars near
- He’s a fan of Lucknawi cuisine (after all he travels to UP
regularly). He just can’t resist kebabs and biryani ! When in Delhi, Thai food
is one of his favourite cuisines. He loves non-vegetarian delicacies.
And that, my countrymen and countrywomen, qualifies the prince to be our PM. He races, he parties hard, he dresses hip, ergo, he must be made our PM. Leadership skills, credibility, integrity, connect (not curiosity) with the masses, enjoying their confidence, significant and concrete contribution in the parliament, intellectual clarity, ability to debate for and uphold national interest etc. can all take a hike. Only an indulgent Nehru-Gandhi progeny can stake a claim to the PM chair. The Congress may have declared Manmohan Singh as their PM candidate, but fanboys aren't hiding their preferred choice.
It is a cogent display of sycophancy by our media. Rather than set public discourse on important matters right, we have the media selling us the dynasty. Where the media fails, Sudheendra Kulkarni frames the debate right in his column titled 'Choice before the electorate: Karma Yogi or Vansh Bhogi?'. He draws the stark contrasts between Advani and Rahul articulating quite well why the experienced Advani is a clear choice.
It takes a lot to be our nation's Prime Minister. It is an onerous responsibility that requires a lot of intellectual maturity. Racing, partying and dating exotic girls doesn't cut it. Rahul really has nothing to show for all the hardsell by the dynasty fanatics.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj - a hero for all times

Today is the Chhatrapati's Jayanti (birthday). This Maratha emperor is a true hero for us Indians. He liberated India from the oppressive Mughal rule and safeguarded our nation against insurmountable odds. His story is indeed stuff of legends. The Maratha flag fluttered from Afghanistan to Orissa to Kanyakumari for almost a century between the mid 1600s and late 1700s.
May this hero continue to inspire every Indian to defeat the growing menace of jihad and bring glory to our motherland. We salute you Oh Chhatrapati.
Recommended read on the life of the Chhatrapati - Sriman Yogi by Ranjit Desai (In marathi). English translation, Shivaji the Great by Dr. V. Katamble.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dravidian thuggery getting bolder

Dravidian champions are known for their unscrupulous ways. They are no better than a school bully preying on the weak. The Hindus, with their infinite tolerance, are easy targets. However, the same Dravidian aggression is curiously missing when it comes to Islamists or Christists. The Dravidian goons have been trampling Hindu traditions, denigrating their Gods, their traditions, their way of life and generally making life hell for Hindus. But now, the assaults are getting more audacious.
Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy
was assaulted by a group of lawyers in a courtroom at the Madras High Court on
Tuesday. The incident happened between 11.45 am and 12.05 pm in the court of
Justice PK Mishra and Justice K Chandru, during the hearing of a case filed by
Dikshithars of Chidambaram Natarajan Temple challenging a single judge order
allowing the Government to take over the temple administration. Swamy was
present in the court to plead himself. Shouting pro-LTTE slogans, the advocates
manhandled Swamy.
The agitated lawyers shouted, “get out
you Brahmin dog”
, “you LTTE-hater”. They hurled rotten eggs at Swamy, soiling
his clothes and beating him on the right side of his neck. [
Link] (Emphasis
The attack was not spontaneous, but was planned ahead. How else would one explain rotten eggs featuring in the attack? This audacity could only have come knowing state support was assured. Karunanidhi has never concealed his dislike for all things Hindu. Now, Dr. Swamy is a politician and is protected by security (which is not allowed in the courtrooms). If such a prominent person can be treated this way, one can only imagine the plight of ordinary Hindus in the state.
Dr. Swamy, a known champion of Hindu causes, must really be a thorn in the "Dravidian" flesh. He was appearing in the court to challenge an earlier order allowing the Government take over of Chidambaram Temple. He had earlier argued, successfully taken them on the while arguing in the Ram Sethu case.
Such serious cases of undemocratic behaviour conveniently slip out of the "secular" radar. The various "social justice" cheerleaders suddenly fall silent simply because it involves a "communal" person. And who's communal? Of course only the "secularists" can define that. Renuka Choudhary and the various "campaigners" of individual freedom who cry hoarse at rather inconsequential matters don't seem to see a problem in any state that's not administered by the BJP. Apparently saffron is evil and every other colour "secular".

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heir apparent adept at lip service

So, the next big thing in the Congress visited Gujarat, criticized the Modi administration alleging that it worked "only for the rich" and assured jobless diamond workers of help from the centre -
Gandhi addressed nearly 900 jobless workers at Sardar Smruti Bhavan in the
diamond hub of Varachha where
he invited jobless diamond workers to
speak about their problems and promised to take up their issues with the
. Emphasizing on 'aam aadmi' focus of his party, Gandhi asserted:
"For us the common man comes first." [Link]
(Emphasis added)
So what happened to the promise?
Jobless for four months now, diamond
polisher Paresh Morakhiya is now worried about his family's survival. The
interim budget was his last hope, but there was nothing in
for him and thousands like him. [Link]
(Emphasis added)
The Interim Budget has left disappointed
several thousand diamond workers, who either have been laid off or on the verge
of losing their jobs in Surat's diamond industry. [Link]
Nothing came of it. Rahul was merely continuing the same grand Congress tradition of all talk and no action. It also speaks volumes of his influence in his own party. But that did not stop him from promising anything. It is also an indication of the vindictive approach towards the BJP in general and Modi in particular by the Congress. Modi has been seeking help from the centre to help out the diamond industry in the state, yet the interim budget had nothing for it. And Rahul is being sold by the media as the panacea to all our problems, the only one who can take us forward!
In his token criticism of the Tata Nano project, Rahul failed to realise that it will help generate thousands of jobs, directly and indirectly for the people. So, it is the same 'aam aadmi' that will benefit who Rahul fears will be left out.
So while his party at the centre couldn't care less for the diamond workers, some of them are beating adversity by going back to farming -
Hit by recession, thousands of displaced
diamond workers in Gujarat are returning home to rediscover their farming roots.
And the cash crops they are growing in a matter of months is bringing some
sparkle back to their lives.

"When the diamond industry flourished
I earned about Rs.60,000 per year. Now I expect to earn Rs.1.6 million after
harvesting nearly 800 mounds of cumin seed," said Rajesh Dabhi of Sangasar in
Ahmedabad district. [Link]
Availability of electricity, irrigation projects and check dams seem to have done the trick. The Congress certainly did nothing for agriculture. Does Rahul have any ideas for turning adversities into opportunities?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dhimmitude taking over the world

Just a couple of days before Mumbai was attacked by rampaging jihadis, a consortium of 57 Islamic states were successful in lobbying the UN to pass a measure on "Combating Defamation of Religions". It was passed with a 85-50 vote with 42 abstentions. Check the link to see how various countries voted. And what was the motive?

Passage of the resolution is part of a 10-year action plan
the 57-state Organization of the Islamic Conference launched in 2005 to ensure
"renaissance" of the "Muslim Ummah" or community
. [
Link] (Emphasis added)
It is not Islam specific or binding at the moment, but is part of a greater plan as seen in the above comment and below -

[...] religious tolerance advocates warn
the resolutions are being accumulated for a more sinister goal.

[...] Pakistan's Ambassador Masood Khan
reminded the UN's Human Rights Council this year that the OIC ultimately seeks a "new instrument or convention" on the issue. Such a measure
would impose its terms on signatory states. [
Link] (Emphasis
The dhimmis in the UN fail to realise that this is another attempt at curbing free speech and will have serious ramifications. Individuals already enjoy protection under human rights. That ought to be enough, granting protection to religion is a validation of its "truth". We have already seen how Islamists, every other day, invoke the "hurt to our religious sentiment" argument against even an objective observation of Islam. This UN resolution gives the intolerant Islamists even more fodder. The doors even for peaceful speech, expression, forget any criticism, will now be firmly shut. Any critical look, indeed even an attempt at such, will now be denounced as "demonizing" Islam. It is this inward looking tendency and nonacceptance of any questions on Islam or any aspect of it that has led to the extreme intolerance amongst Islamists. Besides, it is highly hypocritical of the Islamists and their apologists to scoff at non-Muslims as "infidels" while not being open to any criticism of Islam.

Apologists fail to, rather do not want to see the direction in which "Muslim brotherhood" is headed. The same charade continues, Islam is peaceful, radicals are misguided while it is the Islamic religious leaders and holy teachings themselves that are a source of inspiration to the various extremist organisations terrorizing the world.
(Geert Wilders. Image from here)

And assault on free speech is already on. Geert Wilders (also see earlier post), the Dutch politician who speaks out against Islam is already facing consequences. For making a movie on Radical Islam, Fitna (see it here), and attempting to raise awareness about the serious consequences, Wilders is paying a price. Rather than face the truth and realise the dangers facing the European region today, this is what the Dutch courts do -

On 21 January 2009 the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam ordered
the criminal prosecution of the member of parliament Geert Wilders for the
incitement to hatred and discrimination based on his statements in various media
about moslims and their belief. In addition, the Court of Appeal considers
criminal prosecution obvious for the insult of Islamic worshippers because of
the comparisons made by Wilders of the islam with the nazism. [
So much for making the world face the reality! It is Islamic leaders and the Mullahs that propagate hostility towards "infidels" and Wilders gets the rap for spreading hatred! He is currently fighting the legal battle and will need support. If you can, kindly donate on his website.

Wilders was scheduled to screen his movie at the House of Lords in Britain this week. But when dhimmitude has permeated to such a level that it is now begging jihadis not to attack the UK, Wilders never had a chance of making it there. He is being held in detention at Heathrow and will be deported back.

And India has a long history of dhimmitude itself. Time and again our institutions, laws, people have had to bend over backwards in deference to the "true of faith" and "religion of peace". Shariah must be upheld, no matter how unjust it may be. Law of the land be damned!

It is no coincidence that the Ummah lobbied the UN to curb free speech. It is now a handy, effective and legitimate tool to pull down every criticism. It will also give cover to the "misguided youth". Rather than guide the "misguided", it is the "infidels" that get chastised for holding mirror to the Islamists. Political correctness is a trap that will sink us "infidels" pretty soon. India must think again about being in the UN.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Secularism is myopic

The editor and publisher of a top English-language Indian daily have been arrested on charges of "hurting the religious feelings" of Muslims. [Link]
More than 20 people, including four policemen, were injured in a clash that broke out when police tried to clear Lenin Sarani where Muslim agitators had put up a road block for four hours in protest against an article published in The Statesman a few days ago. Forty-four people were later arrested in connection with the attack on police and blocking traffic, said Mr Pradip Chattopadhyay, joint CP (administration). [Link]
A certain young girl who was seduced to have sex with a man of 26 years killed herself to hide her shame on Tuesday night. The incident occured in a place called Maroor in Mulky police limits. According to a complaint lodged by one Jaya Moolya two girls were lured by one Saleem aged 26 and taken to a seculded places in Maroor. Some elders who caught the man in a compramising condtion along with the girl handed over the girl to the Moodbidri police station while the man Saleem escaped. [Link]
The cracking of the Bangalore serial blasts case has confirmed security agencies' claims about Lashkar-e-Tayiba's links with the dreaded Indian Mujahideen.
Interrogation of terror suspects revealed that they belonged to a terror module in Kerala operated by the Lashkar.
[...] The Lashkar finds the Kerala wing of the IM to be the most dedicated and hence has chosen its cadres for Kashmir.[Link]
There is report of a simmering tension in North Lakhimpur district as two Pakistani flags were seen flying in two interior areas on Wednesday. Confirming this, police officials told reporters that the name of Pakistan was clearly written in English in both the flags [Link]
A scrutiny of the diary recovered from the car of the two suspected militants gunned down in Noida late Sunday night reveal they were in constant touch with a few persons in Azamgarh and the NCR, police sources said.
[...] The surveillance so far reveals that Ali Ahmed and Abu Ismail, the alleged militants gunned in Noida’s Sector-97 after a brief gunbattle, were in constant touch with the Azamgarh duo. The police had yesterday claimed to have found two Pakistani passports from their car. Investigators suspect they initially stayed in Azamgarh for a while after crossing the border to India; later, they came to the NCR in a bid to sneak into the Capital. [Link]
The merger of Dawood Ibrahim's gang with the Lashkar-e-Toiba at the behest of Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has Indian security agencies worried since the underworld gang will expand the ISI's reach in the country.
[...] Asked why the ISI had roped in the D-Company in LeT activities, the official said, "The underworld's penetration in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu is very deep. [Link]
Tears streaming down his face, his hands trembling, the man who allegedly led the serial bombing of Ahmedabad that killed 58 and injured over 200 last July claimed he was brainwashed and ensnared into doing what he did by radical Islamist handlers.
[...] If Kapadia is to be believed, his transformation from an ordinary Muslim youth with ordinary dreams and a loving family to look after to one of the country’s top Terror accused, is a tale of intense indoctrination.
It started with Kapadia, a deeply religious youth, meeting up with Sajid Mansuri, the SIMI hardliner and a qualified engineer who is also in police custody now for the Ahmedabad blasts. His journey to terror began in a closed little room in Vatva. [Link]
"In the Urdu textbook, children are told that infidels are cowards by nature and when a holy warrior attacks them, they scream with terror and fear," she (Dr. Rubina Saigol of Action Aid Pakistan) said. "Mujahideen are glorified as being on a mission from Allah and they are superheroes that kill Hindus and make infidels cower in fear," she said, referring from the pages of the textbook.
[...] "India is presented as an enemy and Saudi Arabia as a best friend. Kashmir appears as Pakistani territory forcibly snatched by Hindus and Pakistan as a country created only for Muslims." [Link]
There are many more. Where is the "secular" outrage? Such grave dangers facing our nation do not move your "progressive liberals" into starting a mass movement against them. The "secular" Congress is succeeding in taking over every democratic institution by planting its stooges. But the "secularists" will hijack public discourse and divert public attention on entirely inconsequential matters.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some random thoughts on some random topics

The "secular" media seems to be raising a lot of noise these days. Trust it to raise a stink about inconsequential things and remain completely silent on matters of importance. And also to frame debates to suit their ideas.

A certain group of women, calling themselves “progressive and loose” have begun a campaign against Mutalik of the Shri Ram Sene. It is rather curious that these page 3 pinkos begin crying foul, hog headlines and distract national attention from important maters ONLY when THEIR partying ways and frequented destinations are either attacked or criticised. Mutalik’s men were not exactly covering themselves in glory by attacking women. But the “progressives” seem to suffer either from amnesia or myopia, for they do not seem to care for other instances where women and their rights are violated. They didn’t seem as peeved when Taslima Nasreen was ill treated, Shah Bano got an unfair treatment by her “religious leaders”, the various cases of rapes in Delhi and other places. The various cases when wives were beaten by abusive husbands, when they are subject to oppressive religious laws. They don’t start a campaign to increase number of girls enrolling in schools. Green and Red seem OK, but apparently Saffron is uncool.

Another sentiment shared by the glitterati seems that Hinduism is evil. Now, how’s that for a whitewash? They couldn’t be more wrong, it is not Hinduism, but certain practices adopted by some Hindus that are bad, viz. dowri, sati etc. This is the Macaulite and Marxist education speaking. The chatteratti have never even bothered to study Hinduism at any depth. They have been told that Hinduism is bad by the missionaries and the same is mouthed off. Ill treatment or being unfair to anyone, much less women has never had any sanction in Hinduism and the various sacred texts. In fact, women are treated with great respect and equality in the Hindu faith. In fact, Devis are the most powerful amongst the Gods. History and mythology is enough proof of that. No other religion accords this stature and respect to women. It is always about one man and his whims in the monotheist religions. Yet some sundry customs adopted by societies and some odd work is cited to propagate falsehoods about Hinduism. A mountain of good in the holy texts and Hindu history is conveniently ignored. Besides how does it help to abandon the faith and abuse it? How about trying to reform it, correcting the wrong, making good what’s bad? You wouldn’t dump your child and adopt another one for some of his wrongdoings, would you? Won’t you help him/her correct himself/herself?

Politics is bad and politicians are evil. That’s the latest charade going on. The media is fully behind it. Can’t protect your patrons, whitewash the entire class. Enough has been said / is being said on the media’s transgressions and irresponsible conduct. At a time when the nation is upset with the current central government, it serves the media well to play along in this absurdity. After all their allegiance to a certain party is pretty clear by now. Alright, politicians are bad. So what have you done about it, other than say this at parties with cocktails in your hands? How about holding the evil politicians accountable? How about asking them questions for their faults? How about forcing them to perform in public and national interest? How about holding the media responsible for not asking the right questions? How about participating in politics and setting an example? How about mobilizing people to vote for the right candidate? How does refraining from polls help? It will only allow the same evil politicians to buy their way in to the parliament because the educated and privileged ones don’t vote.
If the “progressives” were serious about doing something for the country, it would help them a lot to stop, think and introspect on why are things wrong, what’s hurting our nation and what would help it. Cure themselves of the amnesia and myopia they suffer from, rather than fall for the “secular” trap.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

'Brothers across the LoC' won't pay

Here's the latest gripe from the Kashmiris -
"We were eagerly waiting for the beginning of cross LoC
trade, even dispatched thousands of apple boxes to PoK in the start. But, so far
growers have not received a single penny in lieu of the apples," President Fruit
Mandi Sopore, Bashir Beig said.
Your 'brothers across the LoC' won't pay? You don't say! So much for your 'brotherhood'. Bashir Beig further says -
"After three months, we don't know what happened to apples
in PoK,"
Take a guess Beig. I can suggest one, your 'brothers' ate them all without bothering too much to pay for them. How's that for a reality check? So when the dough proved tough to come by from the Pakistanis our Kashmiri friends grew wiser and stopped sending them apples. Left with empty pockets, they have suddenly realised how much better, indeed profitable it is to do business in our country. Not only do the 'evil' Indians make for a good market, they also pay enough so our Kashmiri friends can make up for their losses -
There is other reason that compelled
growers not to dispatch their apples to PoK as the growers were offered
lucrative rates by the Delhi based traders. "Soon after the cross LoC trade
started, the rates of apples have gone up," said Beig, adding that this year all
the losses got compensated by good rates.
So, the Indians don't seem as 'oppressive' any more eh Beig? Looks like the money paid for your apples made up for all your grudges. But not quite, Beig adds -
"The trade is useless unless Government starts a permanent communication link
between two parts of Kashmir," he said.
Well, that still does not guarantee payments from across the LoC, what do you do about that? Besides why would any one want to do trade with someone who won't pay, much less pay enough. The Indians are already covering for your losses.
Javid Ahmad, another Kashmiri says -
"I don't know what happened to my apples in PoK. Government
has to do more to sustain this trade, otherwise in coming months no trade will
take place via Kaman bridge. “
So while it is the Pakistanis that don't pay, yet somehow, it is the Indian Government that is not doing enough. Whatever happened to the 'Autonomy' demand.
The Kashmiri 'grievances' never end, do they? It is time we called the separatist's bluff. The recent elections in the valley exposed the lack of ground support for the 'Azadi' leaders. They make far too much noise, completely out of proportion to their 'support base'. So do their seditious supporters in the media.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The season for stale rhetorics

With about two months left for elections, politicians will be at their rhetorical best. The Congressmen are the unparalleled masters at it. Sonia had this to say at a rally in Silvassa (Dadra & Nagar Haveli) -
"India's identity is that all religions and communities co-exist in harmony. Our
neighbour wants to weaken this strength of ours but they do not know that we can
give a befitting reply to their every design,"
So what is Sonia waiting for? A clearance from the Ulema council of India? When will the befitting reply come? If indeed the Congress was serious about defeating terror and protecting India's interests, why hasn't it done something already? In the five years since it regained power at the centre its primary focus seems to be on weakening our democracy and treating India as Sonia's own personal fiefdom. Terrorism is not a recent problem that India faces, decades of attacks on our soil have seen thousands of lives being lost and displacement of even more from their homes, the Kashmiri Pandits are perhaps the most affected. But it hasn't dawned on Sonia that decisive action is long overdue, not empty rally talk.
Yet it is lip service that is meted out to a hapless nation. Manmohan Singh is another master of this. His entire tenure as PM has been nothing but that. Not too long ago, on 23rd September 2008, Singh talked of a 100 day roadmap to fight terror. And much like every other promise of his, this too turned out a non-starter. There never was any will. The fact that the thought came so late in his tenure should be proof conclusive of it being mere talk. It was an unconvincing exercise in sounding tough on terror.
And the rhetorics themselves lack novelty. Every rally by Sonia is an exercise in regurgitation. Promises that are decades old continue to be mouthed. There has hardly been any introspection on this. Hardly has Sonia or the Congress ever stopped to wonder how is it that they find themselves talking about the same issues election after election when the party has ruled India for over 5 decades since our independence. It is their arrogance that allows them to do so, knowing very well that the talking heads, in a cahoot media, would spin this away.
So this election season too will see much of the same charade continue. Sonia and the Congress will sell their scams (NREGA, loan waivers, job guarantees, free power etc.) as their achievements. While it is the thousands of crores of taxpayer's money that is being doled out, it won't stop the sycophants in Congress claiming it Sonia's gifts to the nation. And while the conniving media will not ask the right questions (the various Padma' titles are at stake), it is left to the bloggers to do the auditing. And they will.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Chawla must go

The 'secular' voices in the media are unnecessarily trying to create a controversy over the Navin Chawla issue. This case is a reminder of how, once again, the media is trying to obfuscate reality by drumming up a cacophony of sounds based on flimsy grounds.
A simple look at facts ought to make the matter crystal clear. However, the media, which should set the right tone of public discourse, is failing miserably at it. And not for the first time either. All the scepticism seems to originate from the 'timing' of the CEC's recommendation to oust Chawla. A pretty feeble argument considering the damning facts against the conduct of Chawla.
Navin Chawla has a long history of questionable conduct. His integrity has been suspect since about 1979 (3 decades ago) when he was Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. And a commission under Justice Shah had this to say -
Chawla is “unfit to hold any public office which
demands an attitude of fair play and consideration for others”.
And what were the reasons for this conclusion?
..for “authoritarian and callous” conduct and gross misuse
of power “in cynical disregard of the welfare of citizens”.
A man of integrity would hardly be described thus. Yet a couple of decades later Chawla sets up a trust, headed by his wife and seeks funds from the Congress folks viz. A A Khan, R P Goenka, Ambika Soni, Karan Singh and A R Kidwai. It would be interesting to see if this did not play any part in his being appointed as an Election Commisioner (EC).
Lacking completely in the ability to introspect, this incorrigible man continues his dubious ways even when serving as the EC, which requires a non-partisan conduct. The current Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami has detailed out his blatantly partisan behaviour in his submissions to the President which includes more damning details -
Rajashri Bhattacharya, a 1979 batch IAS officer of the Andhra cadre, had even
complained to the Cabinet Secretary that Chawla had abused him and threatened to get him
arrested. Bhattacharya has since moved to the Planning
Commission. R Balasubramanian, an Orissa cadre IAS officer, is the other deputy election
commissioner who complained to the CEC in writing against Chawla.
Besides his far from ideal functioning during the Uttar Pradesh (UP), Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh (HP) pools too have been questioned in the CEC's report to the President.
As for questioning the 'timing' of the CEC's recommendation against Chawla, a look at facts, rather than seeking motivated 'expert' opinions, would reveal that the circumstances were not entirely in the CECs hands. Chawla has more then his share in causing the delay.
And if there are any questions about him being a Congress stooge, this should make it clear -
In the report to the President, the CEC notes that whenever
the full bench meeting was seized of an issue, Chawla will make an excuse of going to the washroom.
And soon thereafter, invariably, the CEC would get phone calls from top Congress
functionaries even as the meeting was in progress. This amounted to interference
in the functioning of the Election Commission, the CEC felt.
He even tried to protect Sonia Gandhi -
In his report, Gopalaswami also elaborated on the visit of the
prime minister's Principal Secretary T K A Nair to Nirvachan Sadan, which houses the
Election Commission of India in New Delhi, to enquire about the 'notice' being
sent to Congress president Sonia Gandhi on her receiving an award from
With such a mountain of inconvenient facts against Chawla, the 'secular' voices are left to question the motive and the timing rather than the substance. Filter all this noise and it will be clear that there is no case to defend him. Chawla simply must go.