Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One way street

Sharia and radical Islamists are gaining foothold and the leaders of free world fail to see that. In their attempt to come across as friendly and to appease the Muslim world, they are committing some grave mistakes that could well be irreversible. Limiting free speech was recently made legitimate. And now, Sharia is being granted legal status. Our leaders are capitulating in the face of Islamic aggression rather than defend freedom.
Islam is a one way street. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim.
FREEDOM of religion as stated in Article
11 (1) of the Federal Constitution does not cover Muslims who wish to convert at
any time.
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz
said Muslims who wish to renounce the religion would need to obtain an order or
declaration from the Syariah Court, which has the jurisdiction under state
Enactments of Islam. [Link]
While it is all well, indeed the religious duty, of a Muslim to convert the 'infidels' and wage jihad to further Islamic interests, there is no religious sanction for a Muslim to renounce his faith. He is locked in forever.
“The judgment in the case states clearly
that a Muslim cannot renounce the religion as he wishes. If such freedom is
given to Muslims, this will affect the status of Islam as the official religion,
as stated in the Federal Constitution,” he said. [Link]
That was Malaysia. Similar is the case with Pakistan which is an Islamic state and jihadi education has been institutionalized. Intolerance of the 'kafirs' and demands for Sharia are but the natural outcome.
If history is any indication, this exercise of trying to 'reach out' to the Islamic community is futile. Besides, Sharia is patently undemocratic. Once it is sanctioned, democracy is lost. We have seen what Sharia did in Afghanistan when the Taliban ruled. We are seeing what it has started doing in the Swat region. Having tasted success, the Taliban now wants to globalise jihad -
The Taliban in Waziristan announced
forming a ‘Shura Ittehadul Mujahideen’ (Council of United Mujahideen) on Sunday
to wage jihad ‘in an organised manner’.
Pamphlets distributed in the Miranshah
Bazaar and other areas of the agency headquarters said the forces led by Mullah
Muhammad Omar and Osama Bin Laden were fighting against ‘infidels’ led by US
President Barack Obama, Pakistani President Asif Zardari and Afghan President
Hamid Karzai. [Link]
Every jihadi has cited Koran as his inspiration -
They quoted verses of the holy Quran
calling people to fight a holy war against ‘infidels’, who they said were
killing innocent Muslims. [Link]
However, Mullahs would like us believe Islam is a religion of peace. And our 'secularists' perpetuate this myth. Within our own borders, we are witnessing a growing allegience to the global jihad. Worldwide 'Islamic brotherhood' finds more resonance among Indian Muslims who increasingly see themselves as part of a 'Muslim world'. Grievences have shifted. Victimhood is morphing into dreams of reclaiming some mythical 'Islamic glory'. History, apparently only begins from where they want it to.
Talking to Sharia professing representatives can never achieve anything that is hoped for. This realisation seems to be lost on our leaders of the 'secular' variety. The Islamic leadership is unanimously clear in what it aims for, jihad is legitimate and 'infidels' must be conquered, yet our heads remain buried in sand.
Eulogizing radicals, throwing millions at the them, approving of Sharia and engaging closet jihadis in discussions renders it impossible to reform and assimilate Muslim society into the modern world.

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