Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some random thoughts on some random topics

The "secular" media seems to be raising a lot of noise these days. Trust it to raise a stink about inconsequential things and remain completely silent on matters of importance. And also to frame debates to suit their ideas.

A certain group of women, calling themselves “progressive and loose” have begun a campaign against Mutalik of the Shri Ram Sene. It is rather curious that these page 3 pinkos begin crying foul, hog headlines and distract national attention from important maters ONLY when THEIR partying ways and frequented destinations are either attacked or criticised. Mutalik’s men were not exactly covering themselves in glory by attacking women. But the “progressives” seem to suffer either from amnesia or myopia, for they do not seem to care for other instances where women and their rights are violated. They didn’t seem as peeved when Taslima Nasreen was ill treated, Shah Bano got an unfair treatment by her “religious leaders”, the various cases of rapes in Delhi and other places. The various cases when wives were beaten by abusive husbands, when they are subject to oppressive religious laws. They don’t start a campaign to increase number of girls enrolling in schools. Green and Red seem OK, but apparently Saffron is uncool.

Another sentiment shared by the glitterati seems that Hinduism is evil. Now, how’s that for a whitewash? They couldn’t be more wrong, it is not Hinduism, but certain practices adopted by some Hindus that are bad, viz. dowri, sati etc. This is the Macaulite and Marxist education speaking. The chatteratti have never even bothered to study Hinduism at any depth. They have been told that Hinduism is bad by the missionaries and the same is mouthed off. Ill treatment or being unfair to anyone, much less women has never had any sanction in Hinduism and the various sacred texts. In fact, women are treated with great respect and equality in the Hindu faith. In fact, Devis are the most powerful amongst the Gods. History and mythology is enough proof of that. No other religion accords this stature and respect to women. It is always about one man and his whims in the monotheist religions. Yet some sundry customs adopted by societies and some odd work is cited to propagate falsehoods about Hinduism. A mountain of good in the holy texts and Hindu history is conveniently ignored. Besides how does it help to abandon the faith and abuse it? How about trying to reform it, correcting the wrong, making good what’s bad? You wouldn’t dump your child and adopt another one for some of his wrongdoings, would you? Won’t you help him/her correct himself/herself?

Politics is bad and politicians are evil. That’s the latest charade going on. The media is fully behind it. Can’t protect your patrons, whitewash the entire class. Enough has been said / is being said on the media’s transgressions and irresponsible conduct. At a time when the nation is upset with the current central government, it serves the media well to play along in this absurdity. After all their allegiance to a certain party is pretty clear by now. Alright, politicians are bad. So what have you done about it, other than say this at parties with cocktails in your hands? How about holding the evil politicians accountable? How about asking them questions for their faults? How about forcing them to perform in public and national interest? How about holding the media responsible for not asking the right questions? How about participating in politics and setting an example? How about mobilizing people to vote for the right candidate? How does refraining from polls help? It will only allow the same evil politicians to buy their way in to the parliament because the educated and privileged ones don’t vote.
If the “progressives” were serious about doing something for the country, it would help them a lot to stop, think and introspect on why are things wrong, what’s hurting our nation and what would help it. Cure themselves of the amnesia and myopia they suffer from, rather than fall for the “secular” trap.

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