Friday, February 20, 2009

Gimme a 'G' gimme an 'A' gimme a 'N'...

...gimme a 'D' gimme a 'H' gimme an 'I'. 'GANDHI' yay! Secular cheerleaders are hard at work selling the prince to us. Here's the latest hoot -
- While travelling, Rahul likes to munch on knick-knacks
every now and then. He offers chocolates and chips to everyone who travels with
- The young turk used to enjoy his game of badminton and would beat
anyone at it!
- When he’s chilling out, he likes to wear black T-shirt and
- Rahul's got a sweet-tooth. He loves Gelato and After 8 ice-creams.
- This calorie-conscious Gandhi only has diet coke and calorie-free drinks!
He also eats healthy small meals at regular intervals to cope with an
action-packed day.
- The place where Junior G likes to de-stress in the
evening is the Oberoi’s 360°. He almost always ends up ordering chicken
- Rahul starts his day by hitting the treadmill in the morning. He
also takes a brisk walk around the lawns of 12, Tughlak Lane.
- Life on the
fast track attracts Rahul. He loves his car racing sessions with close friends
and some young politicos who dare themselves with high speed and fast cars near
- He’s a fan of Lucknawi cuisine (after all he travels to UP
regularly). He just can’t resist kebabs and biryani ! When in Delhi, Thai food
is one of his favourite cuisines. He loves non-vegetarian delicacies.
And that, my countrymen and countrywomen, qualifies the prince to be our PM. He races, he parties hard, he dresses hip, ergo, he must be made our PM. Leadership skills, credibility, integrity, connect (not curiosity) with the masses, enjoying their confidence, significant and concrete contribution in the parliament, intellectual clarity, ability to debate for and uphold national interest etc. can all take a hike. Only an indulgent Nehru-Gandhi progeny can stake a claim to the PM chair. The Congress may have declared Manmohan Singh as their PM candidate, but fanboys aren't hiding their preferred choice.
It is a cogent display of sycophancy by our media. Rather than set public discourse on important matters right, we have the media selling us the dynasty. Where the media fails, Sudheendra Kulkarni frames the debate right in his column titled 'Choice before the electorate: Karma Yogi or Vansh Bhogi?'. He draws the stark contrasts between Advani and Rahul articulating quite well why the experienced Advani is a clear choice.
It takes a lot to be our nation's Prime Minister. It is an onerous responsibility that requires a lot of intellectual maturity. Racing, partying and dating exotic girls doesn't cut it. Rahul really has nothing to show for all the hardsell by the dynasty fanatics.

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