Thursday, February 5, 2009

'Brothers across the LoC' won't pay

Here's the latest gripe from the Kashmiris -
"We were eagerly waiting for the beginning of cross LoC
trade, even dispatched thousands of apple boxes to PoK in the start. But, so far
growers have not received a single penny in lieu of the apples," President Fruit
Mandi Sopore, Bashir Beig said.
Your 'brothers across the LoC' won't pay? You don't say! So much for your 'brotherhood'. Bashir Beig further says -
"After three months, we don't know what happened to apples
in PoK,"
Take a guess Beig. I can suggest one, your 'brothers' ate them all without bothering too much to pay for them. How's that for a reality check? So when the dough proved tough to come by from the Pakistanis our Kashmiri friends grew wiser and stopped sending them apples. Left with empty pockets, they have suddenly realised how much better, indeed profitable it is to do business in our country. Not only do the 'evil' Indians make for a good market, they also pay enough so our Kashmiri friends can make up for their losses -
There is other reason that compelled
growers not to dispatch their apples to PoK as the growers were offered
lucrative rates by the Delhi based traders. "Soon after the cross LoC trade
started, the rates of apples have gone up," said Beig, adding that this year all
the losses got compensated by good rates.
So, the Indians don't seem as 'oppressive' any more eh Beig? Looks like the money paid for your apples made up for all your grudges. But not quite, Beig adds -
"The trade is useless unless Government starts a permanent communication link
between two parts of Kashmir," he said.
Well, that still does not guarantee payments from across the LoC, what do you do about that? Besides why would any one want to do trade with someone who won't pay, much less pay enough. The Indians are already covering for your losses.
Javid Ahmad, another Kashmiri says -
"I don't know what happened to my apples in PoK. Government
has to do more to sustain this trade, otherwise in coming months no trade will
take place via Kaman bridge. “
So while it is the Pakistanis that don't pay, yet somehow, it is the Indian Government that is not doing enough. Whatever happened to the 'Autonomy' demand.
The Kashmiri 'grievances' never end, do they? It is time we called the separatist's bluff. The recent elections in the valley exposed the lack of ground support for the 'Azadi' leaders. They make far too much noise, completely out of proportion to their 'support base'. So do their seditious supporters in the media.

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