Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dravidian thuggery getting bolder

Dravidian champions are known for their unscrupulous ways. They are no better than a school bully preying on the weak. The Hindus, with their infinite tolerance, are easy targets. However, the same Dravidian aggression is curiously missing when it comes to Islamists or Christists. The Dravidian goons have been trampling Hindu traditions, denigrating their Gods, their traditions, their way of life and generally making life hell for Hindus. But now, the assaults are getting more audacious.
Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy
was assaulted by a group of lawyers in a courtroom at the Madras High Court on
Tuesday. The incident happened between 11.45 am and 12.05 pm in the court of
Justice PK Mishra and Justice K Chandru, during the hearing of a case filed by
Dikshithars of Chidambaram Natarajan Temple challenging a single judge order
allowing the Government to take over the temple administration. Swamy was
present in the court to plead himself. Shouting pro-LTTE slogans, the advocates
manhandled Swamy.
The agitated lawyers shouted, “get out
you Brahmin dog”
, “you LTTE-hater”. They hurled rotten eggs at Swamy, soiling
his clothes and beating him on the right side of his neck. [
Link] (Emphasis
The attack was not spontaneous, but was planned ahead. How else would one explain rotten eggs featuring in the attack? This audacity could only have come knowing state support was assured. Karunanidhi has never concealed his dislike for all things Hindu. Now, Dr. Swamy is a politician and is protected by security (which is not allowed in the courtrooms). If such a prominent person can be treated this way, one can only imagine the plight of ordinary Hindus in the state.
Dr. Swamy, a known champion of Hindu causes, must really be a thorn in the "Dravidian" flesh. He was appearing in the court to challenge an earlier order allowing the Government take over of Chidambaram Temple. He had earlier argued, successfully taken them on the while arguing in the Ram Sethu case.
Such serious cases of undemocratic behaviour conveniently slip out of the "secular" radar. The various "social justice" cheerleaders suddenly fall silent simply because it involves a "communal" person. And who's communal? Of course only the "secularists" can define that. Renuka Choudhary and the various "campaigners" of individual freedom who cry hoarse at rather inconsequential matters don't seem to see a problem in any state that's not administered by the BJP. Apparently saffron is evil and every other colour "secular".

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Anonymous said...

A man who spoke in hindi,who did not know tamil has been beaten to death by the public.

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE IN the mainstream media?

Lawyers assault Subramanian Swamy in the presence of Judges.

When the police go to arrest the lawyers including one Immanuel ,Hell breaks loose.

Police are attacked,they retaliate and a police station is torched WITHIN the High Court Campus.

The Acting Chief Justice Mukhopadhyaya who had hauled up the police the previous day for not providing security to Swamy capitulates in the face of Tamizh chauvinism stops the police from arresting the lawyers.I agree with the Acting CJ's decision as things would have got uglier because Mr.Swamy is involved.

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE in the mainstream media?