Monday, October 20, 2008

Geert Wilders gets it

This Dutch MP has been fighting the Islamisation of his country and is urging Europe to wake up to this danger. The dramatic rise of radical Muslims is threatening the peace and existence of the region. The situation is pretty much similar to that of India's. The story is the same wherever there are Muslims in large numbers.
He has made a movie, titled 'Fitna', that emphasises the problem with the Islamic ideology. Watch the two parts here. (Warning! Graphic content.)
But Geert faces an uphill task, for there is no dearth of apologists. He was interviewed on the BBC by Stephen Sakur. Watch the interview and you will be hard pressed to differentiate between Sakur and the various pseudo-secular journalists back home. Dhimmis are the same all over the globe and unfortunately they have infiltrated various media houses heavily.
Here is the interview -

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