Monday, March 2, 2009

Optical illusion

While Manmohan Singh is the declared PM candidate for Congress, look who's being projected prominently -

The stand alone campaign of the Congress is
centred on Rahul Gandhi
who, the hoardings say, will bring about the
seamless transition from a glorious present to a spectacular future.

This is what makes the Congress campaign an
optical illusion
. The proclaimed candidate for PM is, as Punjabis say,
a good man di lalten but the person being projected is Rahul.

The question naturally arises: is Singh the
who will quietly step aside for the real prime ministerial
candidate after the election is won? Or is he just a night-watchman? [Link]
(emphasis added)

That was Swapan Dasgupta in TOI. We are really being sold some snake oil here. Congress quackery is legendary. Hope the gullible masses are wiser than commonly perceived by the pundits.

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