Friday, March 20, 2009

"Goodwill gesture"

Pakistan is fast capitulating to the Taliban. It has released 20 Talibanis hoping to broker peace in the Swat valley. History will reliably prove that the Taliban and peace can never co-exist. This will only add 20 more "militants" to the Talibani ranks that will spray more rockets on the NATO routes. So much from a "partner" in war on terror!
Pakistani authorities on Friday freed 20 jailed militants as a "goodwill
gesture" to carry forward the peace process in the Taliban-dominated Swat
valley. [
Also, that is Pakistan's "in your face" to India. 26/11 is far from reaching its logical end. Too many "protesters" seem to take their cue from the Taliban as evidenced back home. The various Christist groups in the North East, Lawyers in TN, The various Islamists etc. They have seen that aggression pays rich dividends. And the mainstream media has successfully perverted public discourse to an extent that right questions do not get asked anymore. One only hears a lot of "secular" noise.
The election coverage is another such example. Secular indignation seems directed only towards the "communal forces" while it is OK for patron political parties to blatantly chum up to their vote banks comprising the "victimised minority". The "Secular" intelligentsia seems to have no trouble reconciling their outrage at the "saffron" folk while maintaining collective silence when powerful churches recommend political candidates and Muslim leaders openly call for support using religion.
Neither the "seculars" nor the "minorities" ever care to wonder how is it that they are stuck in the same place while their patron overlords have ruled our land for about 5 decades since our independence. For an "oppressed minority", they seems to burn far too much public property and murder far too many "communals". Hardly a trait of someone "oppressed".
President O, with his "engagement" policy seems to think there is a "moderate Taliban". That it is an oxymoron has not occurred to him. His juvenile views on foreign policy vis-a-vis the Muslim countries will yield to more such victories for the Taliban. It may be too late before he (and our Congress leaders) matures to realize the reality of Pakistan and other Islamic states and what they stand for. Or is "engagement" President O's "goodwill gesture"?

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