Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Engaging" the wrong people

What do general Pakistanis think of the US aggression against terrorists? See below (via The Acorn) -
-- Do you see drone attacks bringing
about fear and terror in the common people? (Yes 45%, No
-- Do you think the drones are accurate
in their strikes? (Yes 52%, No 48%)
-- Do you think anti-American feelings in
the area increased due to drone attacks recently? (Yes 42%, No
-- Should Pakistan military carry out
targeted strikes at the militant organisations? (Yes 70%, No
-- Do the militant organisations get
damaged due to drone attacks? (Yes 60%, No 40%)
[Link] (Emphasis added)
And these opinions are right from within the FATA. Liberation from terrorists and freedom from the Ummah is what they want. Leader of the free world (a.k.a. President O) is "listening" to and "engaging" the wrong people. So are we at home. The resentment against the West and all "infidels" is largely only amongst the warmongering Islamists. Their sole interests are furthering Islam and establishing Sharia. Talking to Islamists is hardly going to give us any "hope" for "change" in their attitude towards us. Swat is an example of what entails when we cede space to them. Contrary to Zaradri's claims, the Taliban is growing stronger.

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