Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And now, blind men can rape!

A majority of the nun rape cases are very peculiar in nature and this one (Orissa nun rape case) is no exception. The usual drill is allege rape, prop up a "victim" nun, get a cahoot media to sensationalize the story, hold talk shows condemning the majority community and claim threat to India's secularism.
But, as investigations throw light on the matter, truth, it turns out, is usually on the contrary. This inconvenience always begets silence. Apparently, secularism cannot be under threat now.
A BJP MLA from Baliguda, Orissa has claimed that one of the suspects arrested by the Orissa police is a blind man. So now, the blind can rape. This is one curious case. It began with the nun alleging rape, a pliable media ran this story, then the nun went underground, refused to co-operate with the police, refused to come back to Orissa, the courts had to step in and order the nun to co-operate, next the nun claims a Hindu man saved her from being raped and now the police have arrested a blind man as one of the suspects. And since the inconvenient facts began to emerge, the "conscientious" media has ignored to cover it. You would think that rational minds would apply the same yardstick in passing judgements, but then we are talking of secularism in the Indian context.

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