Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hit and run

Claim being oppressed by the Hindus, fabricate bogeys to that effect, repeat them until they can be stated as facts and then perpetuate this victimhood. This modus operandi is being followed for decades now to portray Hindus as persecutors of the minorities and is a standard ploy used by the JNU, Macaulay, Marxist type journos. And it continues.
The nun who claimed being raped in Kandhamal is first, not co-operating with the investigative authorities, which is against what the courts directed her, and second, she is continuing making statements to the press and media about her victimhood. Rape victims are generally very reluctant to speak to anyone and suffer severe mental stress. But this nun shows hardly any signs of being a typical rape victim. If she indeed suffered that horrendous crime, then, having the truth on her side, there was no reason for her to act so elusive. Perhaps there is something to hide that compels her to act the way she has been.
The catholic priest, who claimed being assaulted on, too is playing hard to get. The priest is conveniently lodged in Kerala, undergoing Ayurvedic treatment and apparently this is reason why he cannot be back in Orissa. Neat! If justice is what they seek, it is only logical that they should be co-operating with the authorities in bringing the perpetrators to justice. But this is all lost on the "concerned" citizenry and the media personalities with "searching" questions to the establishment and the Hindus. It seems that the nun and the priest could never be wrong, but everyone else would.
Claim being victimized and go AWOL, leaving the burden of proof on others while never bothering to present any support to their claim.
All the concerns, soul searching questions, televised debates and human rights abuse issues were never raised when, for instance, these happened -
11 year old Nazmeen burnt by neighbour - The neighbour, whom Nazmeen called grandpa, actually tried to rape her according to this report.
John Thattunkal adopted a mature woman for "Spiritual refreshment" - Perhaps the Bible and the cross did not not provide what he sought.

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