Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More equal that others

While the Sadhvi and army men continue to suffer under fabricated charges and a sham of an investigation, the usual shrill voices of the sundry "concerned" citizenry, "human right" voices and commentators of vacuous intellect have been conspicuously missing. This motley crew has been vociferous in defending Jihadis accused of the numerous blasts across the country. Apparently every Jihadi arrested suffered "police atrocity" and "human rights" violation. However, all that zeal is missing in questioning the ATS's handling of the Sadhvi case.
A simple look at the affair will indicate lapses by the ATS in conforming to the rules of investigation. The Sadhvi had a chance to speak (only for 5 minutes though) to her lawyer Ganesh Sovani. And those few minutes yeilded these facts -
"According to section 50-A of the Criminal Procedure Code, a detainee or accused has to be produced before a magistrate within 24 hours. We would like to know why the ATS didn't declare her arrest on October 11," Sovani said.
And -
Sovani has also alleged that National Human Rights Commission guidelines issued to all chief secretaries of states and Union territories on January 11 , 2000, relating to the administration of Polygraph Test (lie-detector) on an accused was not followed as the test was conducted without the subject's consent, which should have been recorded before a judicial magistrate.
It seems that the "police atrocities" and "human right" violations do not apply to a Hindu Sadhvi or the army men. Jihadis are more equal than others. While the mainstream media and their convenient commentators have gone to town labelling Hindus as terrorists, these inconvenient details were given a miss. No sooner does one test or interrogation fail, curiously enough, some new theory emerges either from the ATS or the media. The campaign to malign Hindus is relentless. So resolved is the media to attain this, the October Assam blasts were only a momentary distraction for them, after which, selling this new pet story of theirs resumed.
However, it is heartening to see increasing support for the Sadhvi among the people. Various political leaders have now voiced and offered their support including the BJP and RSS after fumbling earlier. Indians from Abroad too are now offering support. It seems that Hindus are waking up. The awakening must continue until until justice is achieved and Jihad quashed.

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