Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What brings progress to the minorities?

Larry Wilmore on The Daily Show rightly said, as of Nov. 4th, the Jesse Jacksons of the US are out of their jobs. Folks that made a career for themselves exploiting the African-American victimhood (much like the 'secularists' back home in India, and the Mullah-Imam brigade) will suddenly have a lot less issues to rake up and talk about. Obama's victory has rendered them to the sidelines. And they should remain there unless they have something constructive and inspiring for the African-Americans.
Obama becoming the first African-American President of the US should be hugely inspirational, not only for African-Americans, but for all minorities. His is a lesson in hard work and ambition and he should now be the new hero whom all African-Americans should try to emulate.
With this, there needs to be a new debate on what helps the minorities. I mentioned this on Socal's blog and in this post entry, he rightly asks the minorities to introspect on what really helps them. The minorities should realise, perpetuating victimhood and exploiting it has only helped the 'secularists' and 'minority leaders' to be in business. True progress will be made by the minorities when they start seeing through the rhetoric of divisive policies argued on their behalf by the 'secularists' and when they seek to integrate into the majority. The claim that Muslims in India are given a raw deal is pure bunk and only hurts them more. You only have to look at Dr. Kalam, Azim Premji and many other Muslims to call the 'secularist's' bluff. None of them, and also Obama for that matter, made it big by crying out minority grievances. This ought to be the argument for minority betterment. Shun rhetoric and be inspired by the Kalam, Premji or the Obama story.

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