Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Laying claim on national resources

Manmohan Singh said Muslims had the first right on the nation's resources. It did not take the Muslims too long before they started making demands. The Haj committee now seeks five-star facilities for it's members in Saudi. And sure enough, Singh will grant their wishes, after all his heart bleeds for the "oppressed minorities". In case you did not know this yet, we pay tax only to take care of the Muslims.
Mohammad Owais of the Haj committee is not requesting, but indeed demanding five-star treatment, like the tax payer money was a Muslim birth right to enjoy. Check the tone -
According to the letter to the Indian consulate, signed by
chief executive officer Mohammad Owais, the Haj committee has demanded that
"arrangements for their stay should be separate and befitting the status of the
officials and their family members during Haj period. Separate facilities of
kitchen and toilets should be made available."
More demands -
The letter further states, "The officials and their families
will require transportation arrangements during Haj period from Makkah to Mina,
Arafat, Muzdalifah, Mina and back to Makkah. To facilitate their journey, it is
suggested that two or three buses, depending upon the number of pilgrims, should
be provided."
Wait, they are not done yet. Hey, so long as it's the tax payer's money, why not?
For its trip to Madina, the demand has been made for "accommodation in the
Markaziah area" which is where Hajis who can pay only first class rates are
usually booked, as it is only 5-10 km away from the central district housing the
main mosque.
Secularism Congress style!

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