Monday, November 3, 2008

Karmic justice awaits p-secs

Calling spade a spade is a crime in India. The establishment, the intelligentsia, commentators and the mainstream media has deliberately chosen to look the other way while bombs blow up every other day in the name of Islam. We were told that terrorism had no religion and that it was the work of misguided folks. Never mind that the same allegedly misguided folks declared their Islamic agenda loud and clear. Never mind that their religious leaders, teachings and texts inspire them to do so. Never mind that there has hardly been even an attempt by the Muslims to condemn and disown the terrorists unequivocally and deem them outcasts. Never mind that the Islamic ideology has given birth to the likes of Osama, the Taliban, and various terrorists organizations based out of Pakistan. Yet they staunchly refused to communalize terrorism. It could never be Islamic Terrorism.

Now the same apologists of Islamic Terror are hysterically pronouncing Hindus as terrorists. Sadhvi Pragya Thakur was arrested in connection to the recent Malegaon blasts. Two army men too were detained. With this Hindu link, terrorism has suddenly become communal. Epithets like ‘Saffron Terror’ and ‘Hindu Terrorists’ are being used. Interestingly terror never was ‘Green’ before. Since the investigations began in the Sadhvi case, it was clear that there was no conclusive proof against the alleged. Many days and forensic tests later, evidence has yet to be found of their involvement. Yet the media has refused to tone down its campaign to malign Hindus. Moreover, inventing this new bogey gives the Congress and the media something to divert the country’s mind off the Delhi encounter case and SIMI involvement.

The alacrity shown by the Congress stooges to establish Hindus as terrorists is galling. The same was lacking when all those bombs went off before Malegaon. None of those cases could be solved, yet the ATS has suddenly found a link with the Hindus and is insisting on the Sadhvi’s involvement even on not finding any credible evidence. With every defeat, a new story emerges each day from the ATS. And the mainstream media has gone to town painting the Hindus as terrorists. This has not gone well with the people. They are seeing through this game. There is palpable anger among people, especially Hindus. A glance at message boards following this story reveals this. The relentless campaign to belittle Hindus at every turn by the Congress and its stooges in the mainstream media is pushing them to a corner. All this could lead to a strong reaction. Interesting times are ahead. Already there is growing resentment among the Hindus. Political leaders are now coming out in support of the Sadhvi. Hindu organizations are joining in. Blogs are voicing their concern. It is time that the Congress and the mainstream media realized their folly and stopped their games to please their masters. Else public outrage could consume them once and for all. That would be good riddance.

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