Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shocking beyond words

What kind of a government ignores threats to its own citizens and sovereignty? The callous apathy of sitting on specific intelligence inputs without doing anything about them is unpardonable. This pioneer news report makes the governments negligence clear.
Some excerpts -
Two days before the terrorists struck at Mumbai, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) had intercepted this chilling message: Char halal ho gaye jenab (four have been killed).” Already in possession of information about a possible attack on Mumbai by sea route, the RAW passed on this message to the Coast Guard to increase vigilance along the coast. The matter ended there. No one cared to react. Two days later, the terror boat made a safe landing at the Cuffe Parade port in Mumbai coast.
And here is specific intelligence input [Emphasis added] -
This is just one piece of input that went abegging. The terrorists were in constant touch with their ‘masters’ across the border and several of their messages were intercepted by the Indian intelligence, who passed them on to both the Centre and the Maharashtra Government. There were similar other specific inputs which intelligence officials processed and warned of an imminent attack on Mumbai. Some warnings specifically mentioned Taj and Oberoi hotels as possible targets. For once, it would be unfair to lay the blame at the door of RAW, Intelligence Bureau or National Security Adviser.
But where is accountability? Resignations are nothing but escape routes for politicians. The UPA and the Maharashtra government ought to be tried in court for negligence and dereliction of duty. And sadly, none of the mainstream "secular" news media and the self proclaimed conscience keepers of the nation hold the politicians accountable. All we ever hear from them is pontification.
The exemplary Arun Shourie too has completely exposed the UPA's callous apathy and failures to carry out its duties. Please read it in its entirety. With leaders like the UPA constituents who needs enemies.

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