Thursday, December 18, 2008

Overground jihadis

Abdul Rahman Antulay is sceptical of the circumstances under which Hemant Karkare died. It has been a day since he expressed his concern and is still unapologetic. On the contrary he claims his remarks have indeed helped the UPA government, which is a give away of the Congress's intentions. And he sat smiling when the opposition benches in the Lok Sabha demanded his removal. It did not seem to bother him that Karkare was accompanied by Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar and others when they were all gunned down by the terrorists.
Public, political and intellectual discourse have denigrated to levels unimaginable. It is "liberal progressive" to smell a rat in everything. It is the same looney liberalism that questions singing of the National Anthem and our National Song. It has become unfashionable, indeed loathsome, to be seen as a nationalist. Talks of sedition, justification of jihadis have come to be celebrated in our "liberal" media. What ought to be a discussion in the national interest and security is reduced to propagating the "minority oppression" myth. Even such important national matters as security are trumped by the "concern for minority" argument.
The proposed anti-terror bill and the National Investigating Agency (NIA) have been opposed by the usual overground jihadis claiming they will be used against the minorities. And Antulay is indeed the minority affairs minister. It seems his understanding of the ministry's job is different. Apparently he seems to think, it is his bounden duty to protect jihadi Muslims. He gives us enough indication on what the government intends to used the NIA for. In this report he claims, (quote from the report) "On Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan's statement that there was no need to hold an inquiry into his demand, Antulay said he had no problem with it because now the matter could be dealt with by the proposed National Investigating Agency (NIA), a federal agency". The matter here is Karkare's killing by the jihadis. So rather than an unprecedented terror attack galvanising the political class in acting expeditiously to secure our citizens, it has become an occasion to "protect" the minorities and tools and laws devised to "counter" terror will now be used to "investigate" the supposed oppression of the minorities. With such leaders, do we even need jihadi's the bring this nation down?
Overground jihadis have infiltrated everything, the media, the parliament etc. And thay are not in short supply either. So when anyone points to Pakistani flags being hoisted on Indian soil or point to Pakistani jihadis, we are told to be "mature" and "understand" their "grievances". Never mind that such actions are against our constitution and patently anti-national.
Now as the din over the Mumbai massacre has begun to subside, the usual looney liberals have begun their "secular" agenda. Groundwork has begun to bail out Ajmal Kasab, the lone jihadi caught alive in Mumbai. There are stories of his beloved parents in Pakistan, his pictures from the hospital, suggestions of the sufferings he apparently underwent. Within a few days the same "enough is enough" actors will be raising their pitch in defense of the "poor oppressed misguided" Ajmal, conveniently forgetting that he set his foot on our soil to massacre innocent Indians and carry out the jihadi agenda. Also, there is already talk of seeking a "fair" trail for Ajmal. This talk presumes that Ajmal will not get a fair trial in India. A treasonous argument. "Fair", in this case, could only mean one thing, acquittal.
When the entire world has now realised Pakistan's role in terrorism and its support of global jihad, we have our "intellectuals" telling us they are "oppressed" and "misguided" souls. What is more baffling is that rather than "guide" the "misguided", it is the majority Indians that get preached! Which is the same as asking the prey to stay still while the predator adjusts him aim.
It is also the same looney liberals that have ended the fear of consequences amongst the wrong doers. In seeking to justify every terrorists actions against our nation, they have only emboldened them further. The liberals never for once stop to think the harm they are causing to the nation and the disservice they are doing. Reams of papers and hours of programs are produced, complete with "expert" opinions that justify everything from sedition to terrorism. And there is no second thought given to the means applied in achieving this goal. Many a myth goes unchallenged, stories pass for facts, numbers are twisted to suit their "secular" interpretation, inconvenient facts, blatant abuse of the laws are completely ignored.
Unless this "secular" noise is filtered and drowned out, there can be no clear, constructive discussion on the national interest. The overground jihadis must be defeated first. That is the first step towards tacking terrorism.

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