Monday, December 15, 2008

Spontaneous victim theory

Radical muslims, despite history telling us otherwise, could never be aggressors. They can only be victims. That's the "secular" belief. And to prove this the "secularists" can postulate any number of convenient theories obfuscating facts suggesting otherwise. And the human rights business runs solely on this principle. The moment you prove this victimisation false, they will all be out of a job the very next moment. Hence the zealous need on the "secularists" and "human rights" activists part to perpetuate this mythical victimhood amongst the muslims. And this eagerness to paint all Hindus evil leads them to apply unethical means in manufacturing "truth", of which Teesta Setalvad in the beau idéal.
Her attempt at propping up Zaheera Sheikh, under duress, to perpetuate falsehood is one such example. And here, (excerpts later) there's more embarrassment for the "secularists". When it comes to applying questionable means in attaining one's goal, except physical violence, there is hardly any difference between the terrorists and the "secularists". Is it any surprise then that their heart bleeds for the terrorists?
Excerpts begin [Emphasis added] -
In a shocking revelation, six victims of the 2002 Naroda Gam riots have told the Special Investigation Team (SIT) that their statements submitted at several places in connection with the case were fabricated and recorded without their knowledge.
Wondering why or how could the "victims" not have any knowledge of what they were alleging? Here's why -
Tell SIT that human rights groups, relief camp authorities made them sign statements written in English, which they could not understand
And here's another Zaheera -
In her deposition before the SIT in February this year, victim Madina Pathan (25) retracted from her statement in the affidavit filed before the Supreme Court in 2003 and told the SIT that no one had raped her that day.

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