Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Will UPA make India a superpower?

We need a national movement if we are to become a superpower one day. This should become a national objective, like our freedom struggle. The public & the government must join hands if this is to be achieved. It’ll be difficult otherwise.

There are enough examples in world history where nations rose from despair to prosperity. Japan rose from being bombed to become the world’s second largest economy. It leads in the fields of automobiles, science & technology today. Germany rose from its Hitler era, to become a major engineering force & the third largest economy today.

Achieving something similar requires a great deal of leadership foresight & will. The leaders will have to drive this. However, common minimum programs catering to narrow sections of societies will not achieve this. There is a need to unite the nation towards one goal. But, Sonia's & UPA's goals are different, vote bank.

When there is a need to unite the nation as one, we have governments practicing minority appeasement. There is a need to put an end to casteism & religious hatred. But after 60 years of freedom this is still prevalent in India & our leaders have failed to on this account. They have used caste & minorities are a political tool. This is nothing but an extension of the divide & rule policy employed by the British. It's high time we realised that.

Failed schemes, reservations in higher educational institutes, religious subsidies, unconstitutional behavior, lax attitude towards terrorism & internal security are all retrograde steps. Sonia’s UPA governance is a clear manifestation of all this. Sonia & her band of UPA leaders will hardly make India a superpower.

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