Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sonia’s spin doctors fabricate terror threat story

Worried that the recent security threats issued to Narendra Modi & L K Advani may add to the BJP’s advantage, Sonia’s spin doctors have been creating stories of terror threats to her.

CNN-IBN carried a story on how a large stash of explosives & arms was recovered not too far away from Sonia’s scheduled visit in Kashmir. Read this to know how this wasn’t exactly ‘large’. But then, CNN-IBN (Rajdeep Sardesai) has never made any attempt to hide their loyalties. There would be no sense in targeting Sonia, the terrorists seem to realise that. Hence no real threats yet. Perhaps her soft policies on terror & Muslim appeasement have something to do with that.

While the terror threat to Modi & Advani is real indeed, Sonia’s is false propaganda. The fact that, she & her entourage (wonder why the Home Minister insists on accompanying her everywhere when he has his own duties to fulfill) continued on the visits seems to indicate that the threat was unreal & they knew about it. This is an attempt to project her importance when, clearly, she does not seem to be a top priority to the extremists. On the contrary, it's in the terrorists's interest to keep her in power.

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