Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Indian media at it again!

Arun Shourie pours his heart out in this piece here. Read this to know how the popular media is sidelining important issues, issues that concern our internal security, our sovereign territory. What else can be of more importance to anyone than the security of their motherland. The Indian media needs to take such issues seriously, it has a responsibility towards the nation.

Every matter of immense importance is reduced to a UPA Vs NDA contest. Any question seeking an answer on the UPA's performance is met with a well-what-did-NDA-do-in-it's-time retort. If the NDA failed, that doesn't give the current leaders license to fail. On the contrary, they should act with urgency to correct the wrongs. This is very indicative of the current leadership & it's attitive towards our nation. Everything is not a us vs. them competition. Rather, it should be it's-our-responsibility, or it's-my-nation & I should act attitude. However, this cannot be taught, such passions arise from a deep love for one's country, clearly that is not the case with our media or our current leaders.

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