Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is not how you serve your nation

The UPA government is fast setting a record for being one of the most counter productive regimes. The only governing factor it seems to follow is short-term-gain-which-costs-India-dear or blame-NDA-for-everything.

The Congress leadership at the center & at the state level is further proof of that. There are a multitude of important issues facing the nation, yet the current leadership has failed to resolve them. The UPA gained majority in 2004 & has little to show for it's governance since then.

Let's talk of the most important issue facing us today- terrorism. While the NDA government's record on this front is debatable, the UPA's goes even beyond that. Read this analysis by offstumped to know the facts. The argument that the NDA failed is not enough, worse yet, it doesn't make any sense when it concerns our national security. If the previous government failed, the current one had a chance to correct that. Yet the UPA has clearly failed to do that. It has not learnt from the past failures. Instead, it decides to go ahead & pay money to the dependents of militants killed in encounters with security forces in J&K. (Read this at the, story appears on Jan 24th 2008 under the heading 'Now, dole for jihadis' kin'). It is just so unfair to our men in uniform who laid down their lives protecting us. Where does the money come from? Right, from our taxes. The blame-everyone-else-for-your-failure attitude is evident from this. The question being raised was of great importance, yet the issue was diverted by giving it another dimension. Hardly a good sign.

The Congress often alleges that the BJP is communal. Well, by that logic what does minority (read Muslim & Christian) appeasement make the Congress. If it were truly secular, it would talk of the entire Indian populace. Rewarding more reservations to a certain minority, extending financial help, now to the Christians, for their pilgrimage when the majority are not accorded the same is exactly the same as communalism. And all this from our tax money.

When the PM himself has been the most disappointing on various fronts, little should be expected from his team. When Dr. Singh took the Prime Minister's oath, there was hope that this honest man would do India proud. Unfortunately, that was not to be. He is fast losing his credibility with irresponsible remarks like these, or his ill fated schemes that only burden the treasury & hence the tax payers, or with failing to save tigers after personally taking up the cause & rampant minority appeasement.

Read this & this to know how Dr. Singh continues to disappoint us. All of India wanted him to do good, yet he failed to lead from the front, inspire his band of leaders & allowed all the noise around him influence his tenure. Sonia Gandhi, being the chairperson of UPA, needs to take the primary responsibility since she drives all the policy matters & sets the agenda for UPA governance. This fact needs to be brought to fore. The UPA's failures are conveniently blamed on all sundry reasons, when in fact Sonia Gandhi is in charge. After all she heads the UPA.

It also doesn't help that Dr. Singh is surrounded by people with no credentials to claim, begining with Sonia Gandhi. None of them have made any significant contribution to the nation.

Any argument that defends the current leaders by pointing out failures of the older leaders is weak, because it does not talk of the failures of the current ones. If the previous governments failed, the current one has not done any better either. In fact, the record is much worse. How does talking of NDA's failures make the UPA better? Besides, such arguments tacitly agree to the current government's failures. India deserves better leaders.

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