Friday, March 7, 2008

They do it again!

Everytime they are presented with historical facts inconvenient to them, the guardians of Islam immediately discredit it, refuse to accept it & play the minority card. Something like this occurred in Chennai this time.

Francois Gautier was holding an exhibition named 'Aurangzeb as he was according to Mughal records'. His organisation FACT has been doing remarkable work in bringing out facts about India & the oppression against Hindus. Now mind you, this exhibition was held on sound facts. Aurangazeb's own court records were used which show the means followed by him to propagate his faith. The records are an amazing account of him destroying Hindu temples, not repairing the damaged ones, discouraging fellow Muslims from taking interest in Hindus or Hinduism & the 'I kill if you don't agree' principle followed by him. But these facts were too inconvenient to be faced with. This exhibit, showing their Islamic forefathers in bad light, was unacceptable & they demanded it's closure. This closure was lead by local Muslim leaders of 'Makkal Urimai Kalazam' & the Nawab of Arkat. They feared this would disrupt communal harmony. Nice reason to force the police into action & cover up the facts.

Arguments from FACT suggesting that only historical records were used & not personal opinions, didn't placate the Muslim leaders. What's worse, the Chennai police arrested the exhibit organisers, when the Muslim leaders started the protest. Those exhibitors were only presenting the facts. Amazing, isn't it? It doesn't end there, the police have locked up the exhibition indefinitely & the organisers have no idea when will it be handed back. They do not have access to it. This puts important artifacts collected by FACT in jeopardy.

This is not the only occasion where Muslims have ignored facts about their history, it's been happening all along. Read this irrefutable article by Arun Shourie to know one more such occasion. Now where are all those freedom of expression crusaders? Should it be selective? Is it fair to suppress history? What's wrong with presenting the truth?

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