Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mischief to malign Hinduism

Hinduism is attacked everyday. Some videos on youtube & some blogs are actively trying to malign Hinduism. Hindu Gods & customs are often made fun of. I wonder why? Do they think Gods & customs in other religions can’t be funny? But that is not the point.

Hinduism has given so much to the world. Contributions range in a variety of fields like science, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, health, arts, literature etc. The contributions are numerous. Far too many than any other religion. Even the fact that the world is round can be seen from the carvings on some of the oldest Hindu temples. It is also the most tolerant & liberal of all religions encouraging asking questions. It also encourages self realization. Some of the other popular religions viz. Christianity & Islam ask you to follow their holy books & discourage questioning it. So which one is better then?

But when you read the criticism or watch the videos criticizing Hinduism you realize that, they arise from either ignorance or deliberate intent to show it in bad light. Where these criticisms fail is not realizing the shortcomings in their own religions. As a matter of fact, Hinduism has been in existence for well over 5000 years now & is still thriving, despite all the hatred against it. Even the religious heads of Christianity & Islam shun those who criticize it calling them either a satan or the enemy of their faith. If you believe you faith is superior, then why this insecurity? Why be so defensive? Hinduism has never sought to actively convert people. We know for a fact the Christianity & Islam actively seek this. This is evident from all the conversions happening in India. The missionaries that are involved in conversions often use social work as guise. If you genuinely believe in the betterment of society, why seek to convert? Why not just do your good work? Isn’t this preached in Hinduism? Just do good work & expect nothing in return?

We all know that the various Hindu religious centers & groups are greatly involved in social betterment. The examples are numerous to cite, some prominent ones are Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar just to name two examples. They have been involved in the social betterment without any hidden agenda (conversions or criticizing other religions). So why the hatred towards Hindus? We all know that people of various religions were (& are) allowed to practice their faith in India, even during the time of Kings. How else do you explain the flourishing of all religions in India? Isn’t this an example of being an open, welcoming & tolerant society where the majority is Hindus? Contrast this with Islamic countries & you’ll see the difference. Even in the USA you’ll come across missionaries encouraging you to adopt Christ.

The RSS is often vilified & is called a terrorist group. It is also said to be the Hindu equivalent of Jehadi groups. What is the proof to this claim? Do they seek conversion? Do they build bombs? Do they carry out suicide bombings? Do they run fundamentalist religious schools (like madrasas)? Do they kill people for not being Hindus? On the contrary, it’s contributions to the nation have been immense & to everyone, regardless of one’s religion. It is the first group to send help during any calamity, natural or otherwise, it has helped countless Hindus, Muslims & Sikhs during the partition, the volunteers put their lives at grave risk in doing so. Why are all these contributions overlooked? What’s wrong when it asks people to love their country?

Even the ancient Indian epics, Ramayana & Mahabharata are discredited as mythologies. How exactly are these myths? These were written by sages of the time & are an account of life & times of the characters in these epics. Is it not mischievous to call them mythologies when the Ten Commandments or the Bible or the Koran are accepted as facts? And in the case of Koran, followers of Islam claim it was handed over by Allah himself. Nobody seems to refute these claims, but conveniently discredit Indian epics.

It’d be better if people did not criticize any religion without understanding it. The Hindu bashers would themselves a favor by trying to understand Hinduism first & then comment on it.

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Anonymous said...

Our secular Govt. has given a license to all to label RSS as terrorist org. I find the videos on youtube as funny when they put the words saying that RSS and BJP has executed the riots on Sikhs in 1984. But there are ignorant idiots who believe this too. I call them idiots because, even if you can show that this is not true, they don't believe.