Friday, March 14, 2008

Does appeasement help?

Sure, the Congress would like you to believe so. And hence all these reservation quotas, entitlements & the like. If poverty & backwardness could be solved by this, then 60 years of such entitlements would have shown results. Sadly they haven’t. And our politicians have failed to learn this lesson.

Mere reservations, entitlements & free dole aren’t going to help. These will only cripple the backward / minority classes more making them dependent on such political largesse. Such entitlements will not make them competitive in this world. This is the lesson to be learnt from the past 60 years. What would be better is focus on providing quality education to all which would raise competitiveness of folks allowing them to lead a better life.

All this caste politics has not helped us one bit. We were supposed to live in unison. The situation today is quite the contrary. Shunning casteism & focusing on merits & betterment of all, irrespective of their religion or caste will create a better environment for all to thrive. But our leaders have lacked this foresight & continue to do so; evident from what the UPA has been doing in the past 4 years.

Failed schemes tend to get more funding in the hope that more money will better the situation. The result, more money lost. Ill conceived ideas meet the same fate. Reservations are increased every election year, hoping it will benefit the backwards. When, the same has not helped one bit in 60 years. Entitlements are increased, resulting in the beneficiaries only becoming dependent on this. Quotas in government agencies are increased, resulting in bringing down the efficiency & draining more money.

If the politicians really intended to help the poor or the backwards, they’d put more thought, spend more time on the ground understanding the reality. Not appoint commissions who sit in their offices & type up reports & recommendations on what they think would help. The fact that our leaders have time & again failed to realize this is reflective of their leadership intelligence. They are not alone, the minorities too haven't realized this. The only way to climb up the social ladder is to stop whining & start doing hard work, seek education, get jobs, be self dependent, contribute to society, nation & generally harbor ambitions of improving your community, not seek freebies.

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