Friday, July 10, 2009

Home is where Sharia is

Typical of the Islamists to not feel at home where Islam is under the scanner. It seems, assimilation is something they do not believe in. Every place they seek to inhibit must be turned to a Dar-Ul-Islam and no effort is spared until that is achieved. Apparently, tolerance, respect, understanding and accommodation in general only applies to the kafirs for the Islamists are the chosen ones by their Allah.
Geert Wilders' (see previous posts here and here) efforts at bringing forth the reality of Islam and its crusaders is bearing fruit in Europe. His party - Party for Freedom - is fast becoming popular. Recent opinion polls suggest his will be the largest party if polls were held now. And this growing popularity of an "anti-Islamist" is making the Muslims there queasy. They were quite happy so long as dhimmis apologised for them and Sharia courts were being allowed to function. After all, how can a devout Muslim stand anything that questions Islam?
Findings from the recent surveys of Dutch Muslims -

· More than a third of all
Moroccan-Dutch or Turkish-Dutch say they want to leave the country because of Wilders' growing
popularity, according to a Motivaction poll commisisoned by the current affairs programme Netwerk.
· More
than half (51 percent) say they are thinking more and more about emigrating.
· Three-quarters say they still feel at home in the Netherlands, but a
majority (56 percent) say they fell less at home because of the rise of Wilders' anti-Islam Party
for Freedom (PVV).
· The PVV won 16.9 percent of
the vote in the June 2009 European election, making it the second biggest party
in the Netherlands [
There's a reason conservative parties are winning seats and are on the rise in Europe (British National Party in the UK, Freedom Party in Austria). Back home, our political leaders bitten by the "secularism" bug would do well to understand this.

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