Thursday, January 8, 2009

Secular props

Kavita Karkare (widow of former ATS chief Hemant Karkare) is the latest to be propped up by our 'secular' media to drum up 'humanitarian' support for 'Mumbai's Butcher'. In an interview to NDTV, mrs. Karkare says -
'Initially, even I was angry, but now I think I am overcoming that anger. Because, every time anger and violence will not help solve this problem (of terrorism),'..
This sounds eerily similar to the secularspeak adopted by the editors of the same media house. Similar, if not exact, words were heard in television debates held after the Mumbai carnage in Nov 2008. Perhaps that is what we hear on television rather than her own voice.
It indeed is curious as to how the flag bearers of 'secularism' gang up supporting elements that ought to be condemned and brought to justice. Every incidence sees a repeat of the 'secular' interests being protected first, rather than the larger interests of the society and the nation. At every such instance the 'secularists' manage to cloud the public intellect with their secularspeak and hijack public discourse with their agenda. The Kashmir issue, the Amarnath land row, Babri Masjid, Gujarat, Kandahar, Islamic terror, Mumbai carnage etc. are all being undermined by bleeding hearts, not allowing an honest discussion, sincere and hard look at the reality facing us today or call spade a spade.
The Mumbai attack of Nov 2008 was an opportunity for the usual suspects -- and also the non-performers in the government -- to redeem themselves, yet what we have been seeing is the same 'secular' agenda being pushed again. And now attempts are underway to 'defend' Ajmal Kasab's 'Human Rights'.
While the 'secularists' will be what they are, the other side of the divide has also failed to effectively frame their argument. They continue to fail in calling the left and 'secular' bluff. They have failed to effectively and convincingly argue their point. Instead the 'oppressed minority' theory continues to be in vogue. In spite of actually being the victims and even with the facts on their side, they fail to articulate themselves. They fall for the 'secular' hit and run trap and expend all their energies on proving themselves innocent. In these 5-6 weeks since the Mumbai carnage, we haven't heard anyone make coherent, well articulated argument putting things in the right perspective. The 'secular' charade continues.

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