Friday, January 9, 2009

Manmohan Singh continues to be tentative

PM talks tough on terror, that probably is the oft repeated headline following each act of terror on Indian soil. Sadly though, it does not include the word 'acts'. In fact that has been true of Manmohan Singh throughout his tenure as the PM. He has failed to act on any matter of significance.
Talking at Parvasi Bharatiys Divas at Chennai, Singh had this to say -
‘‘We’ll continue to work with the international community to ensure there’re no safe havens and launching pads for terrorists,’’ the PM said while inaugurating Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2009 at the Chennai Trade Centre.
Repeated terror attacks, growing in frequency and intensity have only proven that India probably is as safe a haven for the terrorists, along with their overt and covert supporters, as Pakistan. With such as dismal record to show for himself, the PM's credibility is in tatters. But that does not stop him from pontificating the world on how terror must be dealt with.
Israel's response in Gaza is in sharp contrast to Manmohan Singh's response to Pakistan after it attacked in Mumbai. While Israel is committed to protecting it's citizens and sovereignty, Singh asks it to exercise 'restraint'. Much like he is being patient with the terrorists while our cities and citizens are being bombed away. Moreover, he goes on to condemn Israel when it clearly is acting to protect it's national interests. In his condemnation, he had this to say -
"It is our hope that the international community will come together to restore peace and normalcy," he said inaugurating the seventh edition of the three-day Pravasi Bhartiya Divas here.
However, this concern for peace and normalcy was lacking when bombs rained on Israeli soil. Singh did not seem to be bothered then. India can never dream of being superpower until it can protect it's citizens and interests. While war may or may not be the best option, lack of tough actions against Pakistan will only cast doubts on Singh's intentions. All this talk for being 'tough on terror' will be severely lacking in credibility until there actually is some action. There were a host of diplomatic measures that could be initiated against Pakistan. Recalling our High Commissioner, reviewing trade, denying access to Indian air space are some. Yet, over a month since the Mumbai attacks wrong signals continue to be sent by not exercising diplomatic retaliation. Experts and ex-officials have criticized this inaction.
Singh and the UPA continues to be timid, incoherent and spineless in guarding India's interests. The Indian electorate must take a lesson from Jharkhand voters and drive this alliance, that is hurting India, out of power.

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