Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Religion of love?

Recently, the offices of Telgu daily 'Sakshi' were attacked by Christists. The reason being, 'Sakshi's' Sunday edition carried a picture of Jesus carrying beer and holding a cigarette in his hands. This got the Christists worked up and the next thing they did was attack the publisher's offices. Incidentally, this daily is owned by people closely related to the Chief Minister Y. Samuel R. Reddy.
I wonder why does this incident sound familiar? Looks like the people of 'Religion of Love' took cues from their cousins in 'Religion of Peace'. They are eerily similar. And they claim Hinduism is bad!
So when you think of it, Christianity and Islam are not that different. Both are equally aggressive and demanding (and they get what they want too, thanks to our dhimmi leaders). So much for claiming persecution!

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