Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is this not a security challenge Mr. Patil?

When Karan Thapar asked this question in connection to the Naxal and Mao aggression, our honourable Home Minister said "I Don't think so". And yet our policemen and ordinary folks continue to perish at the hands of aggressors. Mr. Patil has clearly not learnt any lessons.

Just how clueless is the Home Minister is evident from this interview. His only concern remains to steer himself away from any responsibility. If Mr. Patil expended as much effort in tackling terrorism strongly rather than try to defend himself by technical arguments, our country would be much better off. But this eludes the minister. But then again, how can one blame him when he hardly finds time to deliberate over security matters knowing all his time is spent in attending to his Madam boss (when not defending himself or making irresponsible statements). Dozens of bomb blasts have taken place under his tenure, the Naxal and Mao violence continues unabated and yet, our Home Minister remains unshaken. Almost all of the investigations into the various bomb blasts have not made any significant progress. There simply is no political will, lest it hurts their vote base. He has lost all moral responsibility to continue in office and should step down immediately accepting his failure.

The security situation today is not exactly rosy. We are faced with security threats across from all our borders. The continued lapse could cost us more. Is this not a serious security challenge facing us today? Do you not think so Mr. Patil?

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