Friday, May 2, 2008

India among worst hit by terrorism...

...says the US State Department. This is further proof of total failure of the UPA government on this front.

As sad as this is, it's hardly surprising when our Home Minister is Shivraj Patil. Here's a man who considers it important to spend more time with his masters attending to their comfort than working for the nation's security. When his Prime Minister says that Naxalism is a great threat facing the nation, our hon. Home Ministers differs with him on the issue. He simply fails to understand the seriousness & tries to downplay the threat by reading the numbers as convenient to him.

Predictably, all the 'secularists' which include news channels, activists, 'eminent' personalities & human rights activists aren't crying hoarse at this. So much for objectivity.

Is it any wonder then our countrymen continue to die due to terrorism with such clueless leaders at the helm. The last year alone cost us over 2,300 of our compatriots. Who's the 'Maut ka Saudagar' now?

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