Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Christianity any different than Islam?

Well now Pope Benedict XVI has himself asserted that Jesus Christ has called for conversion of all nations to Christianity. Apparently the Christists have 'indisputable right and duty to convert anyone to Christianity' just because the Gospels says so.

And Islam says, convert all non believers for that alone is the true word of God.

If the scepticism about Jesus & Bible is any Indication - it's increasing & growing in credibility - provides proof that it's all a hoax. And the 'Word of God' as claimed by the Prophet of Islam when actually read makes little sense leading us to believe that it was the work of a seventh century semi-intelligent man. All this leaves the two beliefs to merely a cult.

So what's the difference between the two? Only that the Islamists blow up non believers & the Christists trick people into their belief. But the Christists aren't non-violent at all, all their violence in India exposes their evil core behind the 'benevolent' facade.

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