Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Your favourite universities on iTunes

We all love our iPods & the interfacing software, iTunes. The two have been hailed all over the tech world & the seamless integration between the two is legendary. Their popularity speak for themselves. The newer iPods allow you to do more. Along with storing & playing your music, you can view photos on them, listen to audiobooks, watch/listen to podcasts, watch videos/movies etc.

The podcasts & audiobooks were already a nice addition which became extremely popular among users. Apple found an even better use for their iPods. It expanded the usage of its MP3 player further with itunes U. It's about universities providing courses in digital format to not only the students, but the whole world. Anyone who uses iTunes, can go to the iTunes store & search of iTunes U. There you'll find plenty of (over 200) universities providing audio/video podcasts. Here's a sample of some universities on iTunes -





As you can see, the list is not just some average around-the-corner city college, but some of the most respected ones. There are audio/video podcasts from a variety of topics/subjects.

Here's what it's about (from Apple) -

Education evolves.
iTunes U has arrived, giving higher education
institutions an ingenious way to get audio and video content out to their
students. Presentations, performances, lectures, demonstrations, debates, tours,
archival footage — school is about to become even more inspiring.

Of course, this news is not new. This began back in 2006, albeit only as a partnership between Stanford & Apple. This partnership met with such success, that soon Apple approached others & the list has now ballooned to over 200. Almost half of the top 500 schools in the US now offer courses on iTunes. The next time you use iTunes, check iTunes U.

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