Monday, January 14, 2008

Sania shouldn't be bothered

Controversies aren't new to Sania Mirza. Be it her supposed comments on pre-marital sex, or some conservatives slamming her sports attire, or her ad-film shooting controversy. The latest one being her showing disrespect to our national flag. Apparently she's tired of being in the news for wrong reasons & is reconsidering her future. She seems to wonder if all her hard work isn't worth much if this keeps happening to her.

She shouldn't be worried. If she indeed is, then she's letting all the noise triumph over her. Her mind should singularly be on her game & should filter all the nonsense. I'm sure she loves her game & her country more than letting petty things affect her. I bet there are more people that love & support her than those creating controversies. There are enough examples in world sport for her to draw inspiration from.

Look at Tiger Woods, he's practically unbeatable. One of the golf commentators once jokingly commented that he should be lynched. This was seen as a racist remark against Tiger. But he refused to be bothered by it, his comment was all my rage comes out on the golf course when I'm playing my shot & it ends there after that. My concentration is on the game & nothing else. His representatives to the media said that, Tiger does not believe that the comment was racist & that he took no offence. That was the end of the story. Further he contacted the commentator who made the comment & assured her that he realized that it was made in good humor. That was the end of that.

Why look any further than our very own Sachin Tendulkar. He's had a long, fruitful career & is still going strong. Even after all these years that he's put into his game, his focus is till intact. He still goes out to do the best he can. He's had his share of controversies, in fact, he was involved in a similar case when he cut a cake that had the tricolour on it. Not to forget the tax on his Ferrari issue. Some people doubted or continue to doubt him. Yet he refused to be bogged down. There are many more examples.

I just hope that Sania shrugs all this off & continues to bring us joy. In fact all this should ignite a fire within her to achieve even more & win some grand slams for her country. That will give her critics something to talk about. Worry not Sania, your country is with you.

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