Friday, September 12, 2008

Islamic bigotry getting bolder

Thanks to the numerous cheerleaders of jihad, Islamic bigotry is getting bolder and louder. Stealth jihadists masquerading as 'intellectuals' have so successfully hijacked public discourse in India that the mere utterance of anything related to Hindu is immediately denounced as communal. While Islamic aggression (and now Christian aggression) is cheered on as the voice of the persecuted minority, when there is clearly no evidence supporting this. Take any television debate or editorials, myths are floated freely with no evidence to support such claims and worse yet, they go unchallenged allowing such myths to become accepted for further arguments.
So emboldened are Islamists with this support that any sundry Imam can now issue a fatwa warning muslims against associating with Hindus or Hindu practices. In the latest instance Salim Khan, scriptwriter and one half of the erstwhile Salim-Javed team and also Salman Khan's father, was at the receiving end of one such fatwa. This occured in Mumbai no less, so you can imagine the levels to which Islamic intolerance has reached. And rightly, Salim Khan asked this -
“What is the locus standi of these people? Who are they to question people's religious beliefs? Why don't they issue such a 'fatwa' against terrorists and terrorism, which is un-Islamic? The clerics are talking nonsense,”
But, the Imam was not acting on his own. The Islamists are a highly networked and closely knit community. The Jama Masjid and the All India Muslim Personal Law Board have connections to this incident. One Abdul Rehman Anjaria belonging to both these entities had requested the fatwa. Salim Khan's outburst has little effect on the Imams, in fact they had the temerity to mull over more serious actions. Here is what Anjaria says -
“Depending on what he has said, the community elders may go for stringent action against the Khans, including a social boycott,”
Without support from our media, Islamists would not have been so openly hostile towards the native majority religion. I do not expect any condemnations from our supposed intelligentsia, "concerned citizens" or "civil citizens" who are completely blinded by their sympathy for jihadists.

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