Thursday, June 26, 2008

Islamic intolerance

The islamists are driven by only one aim, to establish their supremacy over the world. Islam is their only consideration and the ulema their only guide. Anyone who has ever argued with Isamists will realise how futile is it to rationalize with them. Any attempt to reason, question or bring about a change is strongly quelled by the ulema. According to them, anyone who is a non-muslim, anyone who does not believe in their prophet and the Quran is a kafir and that everything that such a person does is kufr. Everything else (the law of the land, the majority religions in the land etc.) means little to them. Indeed any change or innvoation in their interpretation of Islam is kufr. The Islamic apologists fail to realize that thay are only being used by the Islamists and they will never be considered on par with the Muslims. Arun Shourie's book, "The World of Fatwas or The Shariah in Action" tries to understand the Muslim rationale. It is a wonderful book and gives us an idea on how the Muslim mind works.

With this in mind, it is hardly surprising that the Muslim leaders behave the way they do and the thoughts they harbor. However, what is more astonishing is that our leaders (Mulayan, Laloo, Manmohan et. al.) are completely blinded by their concern for the Muslim vote. Completely ignoring their obligations, duties towards the nation. They seem to think, their only duty is to cater to the Muslims.

The Muslim population in India is substantial enough to have a voice (a very strong one). It is now well over 10 %. In fact it is now 13.4%. As their numbers increased over the years so has their intolerance. Our leaders bend all the way backwards to pander to them, listen to their every demand and even go the extent of putting them ahead of everyone else and the nation.

Recently a 1,200 sq. ft. piece of land in Kolkata, which happens to be a mosque where barely 30 people offer prayers, cost the government thousands of crores. The tax payers money has no consideration but the voice and sentiments of the Muslims does.

On the other hand, when the government in Jammu and Kashmir donates land to a Hindu shrine, the Muslims in the state go on a rampage. They allege that this would promote Hinduism and Hindu settlement in the area. The protests went even further with Anti-India slogans. "Down with India," and "We want freedom!" were the chants. And when you call such people anti-Indians or ask them to prove their loyalty, you are snubbed and called racist. That's secularism!

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