Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Servants of people?

I read/heard/learnt in school that the babus & ministers were there to serve the people & hence were public servants. Now, after experiencing & reading a lot in the news I've realised that isn't the case. The babus & ministers think they are privileged & unaccountable, above scrutiny.

In an article, T N Ninan writes how some ministers were harassing businesses to make some money for themselves. The ministers seem to think it was their right to have a share of the pie since businesses were doing good, after all they run the state. But these ministers forget one important thing, they are there to help their state prosper, not extort money from it. They are public servants. It is the minister's primary duty to create conducive atmosphere for people & businesses to prosper. After all, businesses bring employment & products & services that are of value to people. Doesn't this help improve their lives? But what the ministers seem to be doing is to punish the businesses for doing better & not contributing crores to the rulers of the state. Whatever happened to the oath of public service they took on becoming ministers.

Not surprisingly, the state that turned out best to do business in was Gujarat. This state should be a case study for everyone to follow.

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